With the HUTT modular building block system, individual concepts can be realized in a very short time with a strong performance and in a most profitable manner.

From the small assembly machine to a fully automated assembly system, the basis of all HUTT systems are the most intensively tested and continually optimized HUTT in-line machines. In every machine, there is the technical know-how and the many years of experience of HUTT.

one basis. many possibilities.

According to your requirements and specifications, a large spectrum of mechanical, electronic and pneumatic components can be integrated, exchanged and eventually added. Many years later, on older HUTT systems, the new developments can be added without problems.

HUTT has the best solutions. Now and in the future.

Screwing, testing, manufacturing, stamping, hot-stamping, welding. A gigantic spectrum for many jobs, as well as for the quantity of parts to be worked on, no matter what and no matter how extensively. With the outstanding HUTT know-how in assembly techniques, you can solve any requirement with precision and at low cost, allowing you to remain internationally competitive and to operate in a profitable manner.

strong for many applications and for many solutions.

It is for decades that world-renowned companies have put their trust in HUTT’S first-class technology and their unique service. Examples can be found in the industries of writing instruments, cosmetics, automobiles, electronics, medical articles and furniture. HUTT, the leader in the industry, not only knows all of the necessary requirements, but also knows all of the trends necessary for the assembly procedures. This is how individual and perfect systems for any market are created.

HUTT’S experience is your profit.